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Professional Programs in Holistic Education

Continuing Education & Staff Development Programs

Community Garden Projects

Certificate of Mentorship of Holistic Learning Designs

Focus on Regenerative Practices of Ecology, Community and Spirit

A six-month intensive course highly customized to the candidate's geography, culture and background. This course is designed to prepare a learner to work with Originateve Living Classrooms at any school offering holistic pedagogy or andragogy. The material covered will highlight the relevant discourse from traditional, alternative, cyclical and eclectic education models and journey through creatively contributing personal voice and reflection to a community of life long learners. Students will engage in practical study and student mentoring at a branch offering Originateve curriculum and will be overseen by a Certified Mentor Trainer. In addition, students will access and engage in an on-line campus for theory and written assignments as well as engage with the global network of mentors and mentees continuously building a repository of data within the field of holistic education.

Ecological Programs in Holistic Practices

Permaculture and Regenerative Communities

A three weekend course in transposing permaculture techniques and concepts of polyculture with regenerative community goals.

Regenerative Linguistics

How does our language contribute to our engagement in sustainable and regenerative practices? Or how does it hinder these goals? This is a weekend workshop in exploring the different ways of being created by different languages. We will explore cultures that maintain regenerative lifestyles and compare their language structures and habits to English and imperial languages.


Holistic Literacy & Cultural Arts Programs

Children's Lore, and Critical & Artistic Development

A focus on story, performance, and artistic craft in youth from Early Childhood to 12 years.

Hebeic Lore and Critical & Artistic Discourse

Preadolescence and teenage cultural arts, literacy and ecological arts programs.

Family Literacy

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