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Holistic Mentoring Opportunites in China

Join our team in China delivering primary school holistic education. Training will be provided on-site and in real time for all applicants to acquire a Certificate of Mentorship in Holistic Education. To request an application send a message of inquiry to: TEACH IN CHINA. Or fill out this questionnaire to begin the process of becoming a Certified Mentor.



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Certification of Mentorship of Holistic Instruction in Cultural & Regenerative Ecology

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Originateve Holistic Fairy Garden Living Classroom

Natural Play is a perfect environment to track authentic learning, scaffold risk, grow autonomous and community reliance, and augment academic content. Originateve is always interested in community partnerships to develop regenerative educational models.


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Krik Krak, Originateve's storytelling/ Music Literacy Enrichment Program celebrates 2 years at Children's Chalet, and Sunrise Preschool in Aurora, CO.

Pah Weech, the 8.5 ft tall beaver made of aluminum cans finds a home in Loveland Colorado at Big Beaver Brewing Co.





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