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Special thanks to the Greenway Foundation for their leadership with the Spring Platte RiverSweep on April 25th.

Our volunteers separated 115 lbs of plastic bottles, 70 lbs of paper, 58 lbs of glass, and 45 lbs of aluminum and metals, and 62 lbs of clothing from just over 1200 lbs of trash drudged from the Platte River. In addition we upcycled 31 lbs of various repurposed items. That is 31% saved from the landfill!

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Originateve Upcycling

In 2014, Originateve projects repurposed (diverted) over 5 tons of waste slated for landfills. This is equivalent to removing vehicles form the road for an entire year. Our goal is to increase or exceed this amount exponentially every year.

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