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Volunteer Opportunities

We are always excited to meet new community members who care to get involved with projects. See the calendar of Originateve events for opportunities to participate in learning, mentorship and fellowship.

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Originateve Givers Program

Sponsor a Holistic Education for a Child

Originateve is firmly committed to regenerating education world-wide by guerrilla strategies to implement Ecological and Cultural Recovery programs into the core of curricula.

Our program in Costa Rica at Amerikanoestudios has been home to hundreds of youth that have found an iron fist, a bended ear, a shoulder to dampen, a waiting hand for a soaring high five. South America however, is plagued with the disease of economic inequality. The bottom line is, If you have the money for it you get the education every child deserves. For this reason we have stepped in and developed the ORIGINATEVE GIVERS PROGRAM.

Originateve has a vehement commitment and vigorous consciousness towards equal access to all. Please join us by becoming a GIVER TODAY and Be the Change.

How it works:

$30 dollar Sponsorship A basic 4-hour a week program at Amerikanoestudios costs $60 monthly.

Originateve will sponsor half of the tuition for EACH child you help us take under our wing. Your $30 sponsorship:

•    Will allow ONE of the local Esparzano kids at our Costa Rican program to participate in an enriched, authentic and holistic program. • Should you wish, we will develop an ongoing contact between you and your sponsored child and their family so that you can hear first-hand of their growth.

•    You will be included in the mentor conversations that evolve around the development of your sponsored child. This will give you an insiders’ perspective on what a Holistic and Authentic environment can do for an individual, a community and a society.

•    Also, your gift of education is tax deductible as Originateve, is a nonprofit, 501 (c)3

*    Gifts of other natures/currencies/amounts are also most welcome. Feel free to be creative.

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